Company overview

Sokouk Holding Company was established as a Kuwaiti shareholding company (closed) in 23 August 1998 under the name (Intermediate Real Estate Development Company). After the Company had been restructured in 17 July 2005 and its objectives and goals were expanded, its name was changed to (Sokouk Real Estate Development Company), the Company has launched new investment and finance instruments in the form of Sharia Compliant time share sokouk which have become the most important instrument through which the Company has taken up real estate investment and trading.

After the resounding successes it has accomplished in this field, the Company strived to expand its activities by virtue of creating specialized entities capable of developing the products and innovating new investment instruments. Therefore, the Company was changed to a holding company (Sokouk Holding Company) in August 2005, and further changed into a public transformed in 2014.

Millennium Hotel & Convention Centre Kuwait

Al Safat Tower - Bakka Tower

Zamzam Tower - The Abraj Al- Bait Complex - Mecca

Dar Al Qiblah - Medina

Subsidiaries and Associates