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Munshaat Real Estate Projects Company (K.S.C.P)

Establishment: April 2003
Capital: 32,200,000


Company's Business:

Munshaat Real Estate Projects Co. (K.S.C.P) core business is primarily focused on the local and international real estate industry through the professional and unique development and management of real estate products and projects, targeting extraordinary markets and projects, using innovative Sharia’h-compliant investment instruments and participation in investment projects on the (Build, Own, Transfer) B.O.T basis.


Company’s Projects:


  1. Zamzam Tower - The Abraj Al- Bait Complex - Mecca

    The Zamzam Pullman Mecca hotel is one of the largest hotels of Munshaat Company in Mecca, and is considered as a five-star hotel. It enjoys a privileged location, as it is a few steps away from the Holy Mosque in Mecca, facing the King Abdul Aziz gate, which is located in the Zamzam tower, one of the residential Abraj Al- Bait complex’s towers.

          Dar Al Qiblah - Medina
"Zamzam Pullman Medina" is the brand hotel name for the five-star Dar Al Qiblah tower. This exceptional hotel is distinguished by its proximity to the Prophet’s mosque and for providing the best available hospitality service in Medina.

2. Bakka Tower

Mecca / The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
It is one of the residential Abraj Al Safwah towers, which is characterized by its close proximity to the Sanctuary, as it is located in the Ajyad Street and is about 50 meters away from the King Abdul Aziz gate for the Holy Meccan Sancturary